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Trinxat de Cerdanya


Even though winter is over, I wanted to post this recipe. The reason is, I had some leftover “winter vegetables.” In this case, it was a cabbage I wanted to cook. Traditionally a winter dish, nowadays it is one you can make anytime.

Winter (Catalan flag)

I love Catalonia. We have wonderful places to go throughout the year. A lot of cute small towns, with lots of local history. And each small town with their own well known local cuisine.

Llac de Puigcerdà

This recipe is from one of those small towns in the Catalonia region of Spain. It is called Trinxat de la Cerdanya. This part of Catalonia is beyond beautiful as you can see. It’s about a 2 hour drive (100 miles) north of Barcelona.

The capital of La Cerdanya is Puigcerdà. (pronounced Poo-chair-dah)

I took this picture a few years ago, but it still looks the same today. It’s a lovely small town.

Castellar de N’hug is another small town in La Cerdanya and is 26 miles from Puigcerdà. It’s a very small town with less than 200 people!

Town of Castellar de N’hug
Local shop selling assorted meats and cheeses
Giant croissants

If you have a chance to go to La Cerdanya, do yourself a favor and visit some of these small towns, such as the ones I’ve mentioned. Be sure to check out all of the small stores and taste the different cuisines.  From the pictures, you can see the many products they sell, the different cured meats and cheeses, and… the huge croissants! That croissant was very good, but you’ll definitely have to throw a party to eat it in one day!





For this recipe you will need:

– 1 cabbage (depending how much you want, choose big or small).

– 4 medium potatoes

– bacon

– salt

– olive oil

– garlic (optional)

Peel and cut the potatoes. Place them into a large pot and boil them for about 15 minutes. Cut the cabbage and place it into the pot with the potatoes for another 10 minutes. Before removing, check that the potatoes are cooked. They might need a few extra minutes.

Cut the cabbage
Potatoes and cabbage are cooked

Strain into a colander. Then place the potatoes and cabbage back into the pot or into a different bowl and mash them. I used my masher, but you could easily use a fork. Once they’re mashed, place them in a pan with some olive oil and cook on a medium-low heat. Season and stir.

Potatoes and cabbage mashed

If you want, you can add some garlic for flavor. Just cut a clove of garlic into thin slices and cook in a pan until it gets very brown. Then, mix with the cabbage and potato.

During all of this time, you can cook your bacon. I like it extra crunchy.

Plate the cabbage and potato however you like (here I used a small mold), then top it with bacon.

Trinxat de Cerdanya

Bon profit!


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