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Mini Magdalenas

Hola folks!

I love baking! I love to cook everything but I go crazy when it comes to baking. Every time my family has a party I am the baker! I could say I am the official baker in the family! Since there are 31 of us,  I have to bake more than one, usually three, and sometimes four cakes! My family loves to eat like me, and of course, when it’s homemade dessert everyone wants to try a piece of every cake. My mom sometimes tells me to just bake my “easy cake”, (I’ll post it soon) and not get involved trying to bake some crazy dessert. But of course, I can’t. I have to go crazy and try new things… always…! For my nephew’s 3rd birthday party recently, I baked a Chocolate Construction Cake. It was a chocolate cake with miniature toy construction vehicles at work atop the cake. He went crazy! Nothing makes me happier that seen people enjoying my food! Am I right? 😉

There are bakeries on every block in Spain. It is a part of daily life  You can buy amazing baguettes for $1.00.  And  a chocolate croissant for a little more than a dollar also. Just like the tapas bars, cafes will advertise on their blackboards, “coffee/latte plus pastry for $3.00”.

Today I thought I would bake something. It is a muffin that we call Magdalenas. My version for today are mini Magdalenas. I like them a lot, but sometimes a whole Magdalena is too much. These magdalenas are small, similar to a cupcake. Super tasty and you can add  fruit or chocolate or almond to the batter, whatever you like. (I added chocolate chips and blueberries this time!)

This is an old recipe, but one that I have changed just enough to make it my own version. My sister always says to me, “I don’t understand you, why would you do that? Isn’t it easier to just follow the recipe?”  I guess so… but that’s just me! I do it all the time.

These Mini Magdalenas are super moist and super yummy!  In just 3-4 bites, they´re gone! 🙂


– 3 large eggs

– 3/4 cup sugar

– 1 1/2 cup all purpose flour

– 1/2 vegetable or canola oil

– 1/2 olive oil

– 1/2 tablespoon baking powder

– 3 tablespoons milk (2% or whole)

– 1/2 lemon zest

Preheat the oven to 450F. Mix the eggs in your mixer for a minute, add the sugar until it gets incorporated. Next, add the lemon zest. Add the flour and the baking powder. Add the milk and then the vegetable and olive oil. If you want to add anything into the batter, this is the time.

Eggs and sugar
Blueberry magdalena

With an ice-cream scoop (or similar), add the batter to your cupcake mold. Add some sugar to the tops. Bake in the oven for 20′ (high altitude will require a little bit more). Test with a toothpick to make sure they´re cooked through. Let them cool on a rack for a few minutes.

Blueberry magdalena
Blueberry magdalena
Chocolate chip magdalena
Magdalena and a latte
Magdalena and a latte

Bon profit!!

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