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Cheese and Vegetables


Hola! Today I am going to cook escalivada. It is a eggplant and red pepper dish, roasted or grilled. It is a very easy way to eat these delicious vegetables. You can serve them with puff pastry, pie dough, bread… or just by themselves. Today, I will show you how to roast them with goat …


Butternut Squash con gorgonzola

Hola hola!! Counting down to Thanksgiving… I am so excited! I love this holiday. In Spain we do not have Thanksgiving, I guess this makes this holiday even more special for me. Today I will pick up my turkey from the farm. I can’t wait to get it in the oven! More time in the kitchen is always a …

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Pear & Blue Cheese Montadito

Hola!  It feels like I haven’t posted in a month. Sorry, but this has been one of the busiest weeks ever. I hope you all enjoyed Halloween, it was fantastic for me! But between moving, work, and trying to have a little fun, it has been crazy! Right now, I am counting down the days …

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Mushrooms al Ajillo (Garlic)

Hola!! Sorry It took me almost 2 weeks to post again. I hope you are doing well! In Madrid, this is a very popular tapa. Delicious mushrooms seasoned with garlic, they’re called Champiñones al Ajillo (pronounced ah-hee-low), which translates directly to Garlicky Mushrooms. This tapa can commonly be found at many tapas bars throughout Spain, though it is especially  popular in …

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Palmiers de Jamón y Queso (Ham and Cheese)

Hola and Happy Sunday! I hope you are enjoying the weekend. Tomorrow is a special day in Spain. It is the dia de la Hispanidad. Not just in Spain, it is also celebrated in other hispanic cultures as a national day. The origin of this holiday comes from 1492, when Christopher Columbus arrived in America. It was the first encounter between …

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Coca de Recapte (Spanish Style Flatbread)

Hola! For today I have something very Catalan. Some of you might think that it’s pizza, but it’s not. Though there are similarities. Its name is Coca de Recapte. It’s make with bread dough, onto which you spread your choice of seasonal vegetables. Traditionally, Coca de Recapte was made in the Catalan towns at a time when …

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Croquetas de jamón y queso (Ham and Cheese)

Holaaa! I love these croquettes, and so will you; ham and cheese croquettes. These are the most traditional croquettes in Spain. Every time I make them, the flavor reminds me of a Spanish grilled cheese, made with ham & cheese. They are super yummy, and If you think that you would like them, you will love these. In my blog, …

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Tres Quesos (Three Cheese) and Brie & Asparagus

Sunday Montaditos! Tres Queso and Brie & Asparagus Holaaa!! Today I thought I would post more montaditos. Since it’s a weekend, this is something that is very quick and easy to prepare and it’s another tapa to add to your repertoire.  I’ll try to post some different montaditos every week. We’ll see how long I …

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Anchovy & Pepper and Bacon & Brie

Holaaa! I always try to make my own bread. I love it! I like to make bagels, round loaves, baguettes, any kind.  And when I make baguettes, I like to use slices for montaditos. Beside tapas in Spain, it is very common to find montaditos. A montadito is a slice of bread with a topping on it, like a …

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