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Spanish Desserts

Melindros (served with Hot Chocolate)

Melindros are very popular in Spain, they are similar to a cookie but with a cake-like texture. The tradition is to dip the melindro into hot chocolate. In Spain, the texture of hot chocolate is much thicker, more like a pudding and its spooned, not sipped. The recipe for these melindros is very easy. By themselves, …

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Crema Catalana –

Bon dia! (Good morning in Catalan!) 🙂 March 19th, is Father’s Day in Spain.  It’s also know as Sant Josep (Saint Joseph’s Day), and in Catalonia, this is the day that you would eat this dessert. It’s called Crema Catalana (“Catalan Cream”). Nowadays, it’s consumed at all times of the year. I guess some of you may …

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Leche (milk) Merengada

Holaaaaa!!! It´s pretty warm out here, it´s still summer in Maryland! When it’s this warm, I really like to have some refreshing cold drinks in the refrigerator; lemonade, ice tea… When I’m in Spain, I like to have a cold drink called leche merengada. The literal translation is meringue milk. It is common to find it in the ice cream …

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Magdalenas (Muffins)

Hola folks! I love baking! I love to cook everything but I go crazy when it comes to baking. Every time my family has a party I am the baker. I guess I am the official baker in the family. Since there are 31 of us,  I have to bake more than one cake, usually three, and sometimes four cakes! My family loves …

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Chocolate and Vanilla Dessert

Hola! When I was in Spain a few months ago, I had something similar to what I made today. Its a simple dessert, great to make ahead of time and you can serve it in small or medium portions. The dessert is a mix of a vanilla with whipping cream and vanilla with chocolate. I also …

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Peras al Vino Tinto (Red Wine)

Hola and Happy Valentine’s Day Weekend! The weekend usually means being able to cook more, and experimenting with new recipes. And with Valentine’s Day, it gives me even more of an excuse! This dish is very popular in Spain, the name being “Peras al Vino Tinto”, or Pears in Red Wine. It is perfect for …

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Coulant de chocolate – Spanish Style Chocolate Lava Cake

Hola hola!! The countdown to Christmas is here. I recently returned to Spain to celebrate the holidays with my family. It’s great to be back, but I would skip the 8 hour plane ride if I could… It’s not that bad though. I do enjoy flying and it goes by fast enough that I barely …

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Bizcocho de Manzana (Apple Cake)

Hola! Enjoying the weather…? Not me, it’s been raining and windy here for the last few days. It feels like winter, wet and cold!! I don’t like it… But fall is a pretty unpredictable time and I’m sure it will start getting nicer soon. Let’s hope so. Fall also brings all of the yummy fall fruits and …

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