Joy Of Spanish Cooking

Non-Spanish Desserts

Coffee Liqueur Truffles

Hola and Happy Thanksgiving! This year thanksgiving will look very different for a lot of families, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t cook and bake your favorite dishes. I will pretty much cook and bake the same and I will have lots and lots of leftovers! Yum! I love Thanksgiving leftovers. Who doesn’t, right? …

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Vegan Banana Double Chocolate Muffins

Hello! I hope y’all had great holidays! Mine were fantastic. I went to Spain to see my family. My baby girl did great on the plane! (kudos to her!). I ate so much in Spain, food is so good. Wine is amazing… Gin and tonics are delicious. If you follow me on instagram you probably …

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Pastel de Chocolate -Chocolate Cake

‘Tis the season folks! As a chocolate lover, I love to bake chocolate desserts during the holidays (It would be more appropriate to say that I love to make chocolate desserts all year round. lol) During the holidays, I like to bake for friends and family. And because none of my family lives in Maryland, …

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Hazelnut & Peppermint Chocolate Cookies

Hello! Wow, I can’t believe Christmas is almost here. 3 more weeks to go! Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year. Every year, I go back to Spain to celebrate the holidays with my family. This year I am also going with my baby girl! Exciting! As many of you know, I …

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Coconut Carrot Cake with Chocolate and Coconut Glaze

Hello!! Wow! What a year… For those that follow me on Instagram, you may know that I was pregnant and that I had a gorgeous baby girl this summer. She is already 3 months old! Time flies… Fall is here and I am happy about that. I love summertime but this year it was just …

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Bacon Cupcakes

Hola and happy fall! Today I am posting something new and unique (For me anyway!) Cupcakes. But not just any cupcakes. I call them the happy surprise bite! What’s the surprise? Bacon! More specifically, bacon jam! Woohoo! I was super happy when I received some delicious jams from TBJ Gourmet. ( They say everything tastes …

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Chocolate and Vanilla Dessert

Hola! When I was in Spain a few months ago, I had something similar to what I made today. Its a simple dessert, great to make ahead of time and you can serve it in small or medium portions. The dessert is a mix of a vanilla with whipping cream and vanilla with chocolate. I also …

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Red Wine Jelly

Hola! The weekend is here, yay! I am extra excited because my good friend from college and her husband are on their way to visit. My kitchen was on fire (not literally!) yesterday between cooking and baking. When it comes to small appetizers, I love cheese and crackers. Served with a tomato jam (or any jam) and a glass …

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