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Coffee Liqueur Truffles

Hola and Happy Thanksgiving! This year thanksgiving will look very different for a lot of families, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t cook and bake your favorite dishes. I will pretty much cook and bake the same and I will have lots and lots of leftovers! Yum! I love Thanksgiving leftovers. Who doesn’t, right? …

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Brazo de Gitano con Trufa (Spanish Style Swiss Roll filled with Truffle)

Hello! I hope you are a chocolate lover because today I am making a classic Spanish dessert: Brazo de Gitano, it translates to Gypsy Arm. We used to eat them on Sundays. My mom would make this dessert frequently. Did you get all excited about a chocolate dessert?! Well, get ready. Today I am making …

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Flan de Huevo (Egg Flan)

Hola! Today I am making a very traditional recipe, egg flan. This flan can be found in virtually every  restaurant in Spain. The flan is so popular that you can buy it in a box at Spanish supermarkets. The only thing you have to do is mix the box mixture with milk and voilà!  That is very easy and convenient, …

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Spanish Bizcocho (cake)

Hola!! [ss_social_follow] I hope everyone is doing well and cooking and baking a lot! Today’s recipe is a cake, my go-to cake, or Bizcocho. That’s what we call it in Spain. This cake is very popular in Spain, and I swear this is the easiest cake ever! (My personal nickname is Easy Cake.) No frosting, …

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Vegan Banana Double Chocolate Muffins

Hello! I hope y’all had great holidays! Mine were fantastic. I went to Spain to see my family. My baby girl did great on the plane! (kudos to her!). I ate so much in Spain, food is so good. Wine is amazing… Gin and tonics are delicious. If you follow me on instagram you probably …

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