Hello everyone!
My name is Ivette and I am from Catalonia, Spain.
Catalonia is an autonomous community of Spain in the north east (Barcelona is the capital).

I love the food of my country, there is always something to celebrate, gathering with friends and family…

We have THREE dishes at every meal! Yes, 3! You will have a first full dish like pasta and for the second dish you will have fish/meat and then dessert, and after dessert coffee…. When I am in Spain and get together with my family (there are 31 of us!), we can start lunch at 2.30 and finish it at 7pm…

I have always loved cooking. My grandmother it is a great, great cook and I think my love of cooking is because of her.
When I was in law school, my favorite breaks (beside going to the gym) were getting into the kitchen and cooking or baking something. I was able to escape the normal daily routine of law school.

In this blog, I would like to share the spanish cuisine with the rest of the world.
Tapas… I love tapas!!! Who doesn’t right? But there is more in the spanish cuisine beside tapas. Just like there is more to Japanese cuisine than sushi.

Charcuterie, cheese, home style cooking, paella, seafood, meat, gazpacho and much much more…
In the next days, month, years ?… I will sharing the spanish cuisine with all of you!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at joyofspanishcooking@gmail.com I can answer in Catalan, Spanish or English. Other languages are welcome, I am sure google translator will do a great job helping! 🙂

Bon profit!SONY DSC