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A Splash of Spain


It has been a while since I have posted something, and for that I apologize. But for those of you who are following me on Facebook, (join me!) you may know that I am visiting family in Spain.

Today, I went to the outdoor market in the city’s main square. (We have one every Tuesday and Saturday.) It’s great! There, you can find fresh fruit and vegetables, flowers, household goods, clothes, and a lot more! Tuesdays are mainly packed with locals, and Saturdays are packed with locals and visitors alike buying their produce and other goods for the week.

You can see all the fruit and veggies and how fresh and delicious they look.

IMG_4975 IMG_4979 IMG_4978 IMG_4974

This morning I took some pictures at the bakery, the market, and the fish store.

I love the fish stores we have here. The fish are all very fresh and unprocessed, with their heads still on. With the head and the eyes of the fish, you can see how fresh the fish is. And then you can tell the fishmonger exactly how you want it prepared. I love it!!!

IMG_4980 FullSizeRender

But one thing I did see today that caught my eye are the snails , from the Catalan region of LleidaI’m sorry, but they are just not for me! But other members of my family love them as did my Grandfather. My Grandma feels the same as I do and she never cooks them! Thank you Grandma! haha!


Bakeries… oh my! They are just so good here. They start baking early in the morning and continue through the afternoon. Fresh bread, big and mini croissants, coca (sweet flatbread), doughnuts and more, more and more! Delicious for breakfast, snacks in the afternoon or any time! yumm, love it!

IMG_4971 IMG_4970

Hope you have enjoyed this little slice of Spanish life 🙂 I will definitely post a recipe soon 🙂

Thank you guys!

Bon profit!

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  1. Hi! Enjoyed the pictures of your wonderful market. Made me hungry just looking at them. And what can I say about the bakery–YUM!

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A Splash of Spain

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