Mushroom croquettes

Its International Croquette Day!

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Hola holaaa!

Croquetas (croquettes), I love them, any kind. It is very common in Spain to order croquetas in a tapas bar. Spain has a lot of different kinds of croquetas; with chicken, or ham, cheese, meat, seafood, mushrooms, etc, etc. I’ll definitely make all of them for you:)     Or I’ll try to 😉

I love mushrooms, and there are so many different varieties. Mushrooms are great for sauces, sides, pastas… I like to get my mushrooms at the farmers market. So fresh and so good.

For this recipe, it doesn’t really matter which kind of mushroom you use. I would recommend just using your favorite kind of mushroom. I like shiitake mushrooms so, those are the ones I used for this recipe.

The recipe is almost the same as the one for Chicken croquetas

Ingredients for 20 croquetas:

– About 5 ounces of mushroom (about a pint)

– 1 small onion

– 1/2 cup milk…

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