Two Montaditos; Anchovy & Pepper and Bacon & Brie


I always try to make my own bread. I love it! I like to make bagels, round loaves, baguettes, any kind.  And when I make baguettes, I like to use slices for montaditos.

Beside tapas in Spain, it is very common to find montaditos. A montadito is a slice of bread with a topping on it, like a mini open-faced sandwich. You can find many different varieties of montaditos: meat, seafood, vegetable, cheese. It is very similar to a tapa, but with the addition of a small slice of bread.

For today, I made two montaditos. One with anchovies, red pepper and an olive and the other with brie wrapped in bacon. Mmmmm….

Anchovies are very popular to eat in Spain. I think that anchovies are something that you really like or you really don’t like. There’s not much room in the middle. In my house, there is definitely someone who is an anchovy lover (and it’s not me!)… so we always have anchovies. When we go to Spain, “we” always order anchovies as a tapa or a montadito.

If you like anchovies, you should try this. When I made it, I was told by the person who ate it, that he felt like he was transported back to his favorite tapas restaurant in Barcelona. That’s a good compliment! I was so happy  🙂


Anchovy montadito:

– Anchovies

– Red pepper (red bell pepper or other sweet red pepper).

– Baguette


Grill or sauté the peppers. Cut the baguette into slices. Place the grilled pepper on the slice of bread and top with an anchovy fillet and an olive. This is a true taste of the Mediterranean!

Ready to serve.

Bacon-brie montadito:

– Bacon

– Brie

– Baguette

Cook the bacon until it’s a little crispy. But not too crispy, as you’ll be wrapping the brie. Cut the baguette into slices. Cut the brie into small chunks, big enough to fit on the slice of bread. Wrapped the brie with the cooked bacon and place a toothpick through to hold it in place on the slice of bread. Put it back into the oven and cook for approximately 2 more minutes at 400 F, until the brie is melting.

Ready to serve.



Bon profit!

Two Montaditos; Anchovy & Pepper and Bacon & Brie

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  1. These look sooooooooo delicious! Wrap it in bacon and I’ll eat it! I’m thinking, bacon and gorgonzola. Is there a Spanish blue cheese?

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